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If we're looking after ourselves so well, what's the need to do therapy?

It's very important we keep down our stress levels. Nutrition, exercise, fun, expression, love, support. Yes, of course. What happens though, if we still become very ill. What then? That trauma needs to be removed to allow your body to help it heal. I believe most things you can do yourself. EFT, meditation, yoga, etc... However, there will come a point when you get to places you can't reach all by yourself. These are deep issues and that's where you need a guide to help you through it all. 

This is where chronic illness is more interesting than acute. With acute, it's been a piece of cake. Nearly everyone I've worked with have easily got over acute symptoms, even those where their pain has been excruciating, within one session. With chronic, we are working on more repetitive thought patterns, repressed emotions, past traumas, limiting beliefs...

Why work on the root cause, the stressors, limiting beliefs, emotions, feelings for illness - regardless of the name?

When we work together, expect to go some place where you possibly have not been before; deep inside YOU for answers to your health issues. 

We tune into your body's signals, your actual symptoms, to get all the information we need. We work WITH, never against them. The premise of Lifestyle Prescriptions is that your body is not making mistakes. 

With all this new-found knowledge, with the connections you make about the WHY, forces your body to take off the layers, so to speak, that's keeping the illness there. Expect reactions. Of course, there HAS to be. If you sweep dirt under a rug and eventually you lift it, you will see it. It's time to start clearing it up.

Is it like psychotherapy? 

Lifestyle Prescriptions is different, as there is not much need for "stories". However, the bulk of it feeling into your body and working through it. Lifestyle Prescriptions is not psychotherapy or any other talking counselling. We are working directly with your symptoms; your body's needs and sensations. This helps us move through issues really quickly. We stick to what's needed. If you think your body is not saying much, it is - that's why it gave you the symptoms in the first place. The very symptoms are signposts of where to go.

More than that, your body is shouting out to be heard. When you do, your body will thank you for it. Expect to feel happier, more resilient. We aim for the symptoms to reduce, even go away, but we do it from a healthier, more organic stand point - listening to your body's needs.

How does the coaching work?

* We focus on the symptom/s you need addressing NOW

* Learn incredible self-healing techniques to support you

* These very skills can be used life-long, for other symptoms, too

* Build resilience, which in turn, reduces your symptoms

* The opportunity to NOT have an operation / taking constant pills; we find the ROOT cause

* Have a high chance to go from debilitating, agonising pain to a reduction or even                  complete relief

* When experts and leaders in their fields say that there's no way, I will say, "Yes, you can".  - For good reason, too. I've helped enough people heal themselves

* Adapt new health beliefs; ones that empower you, shedding the ones that cause harm and ill health

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