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My first career was in IT support. I graduated in this field in 1992. It was nothing that excited me. I did it, because that's what people did - get degrees and find work.  

In 1993, after lifting a heavy PC, I suffered from years of chronic low back pain. I was convinced that my back was injured. Of course it must have been - I picked up something a little too heavy for me with possibly a bent back and that created years of great discomfort.

I couldn't bend much, sit on soft sofas and exercise was limited to swimming and yoga. There was no pattern to the pain; sometimes exercise made it worse. Sometimes, I did nothing all week and even then some days it was there and the next completely gone. 

​I tried the usual; visit the GP, osteopath, physiotherapist, had x-rays, etc... However, nothing helped and it just got progressively worse. After learning about mind/body healing-


***I managed to cure my own back pain***

I started to use the same method to get rid of other aches and pains. 

Some years later, I picked up meditation. I saw that it had profound changes to my health. My overall happiness and abilities to cope with difficulty have dramatically improved. I have far less anxiety and stress than I ever had.


In January 2014, I trained in becoming an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner which enables me to help others with their pain and last year I qualified as a - 

***META Health Master Practitioner***​

I love this healing modality, as the answers always come from the client. I simply use their symptoms as guidance, deploying techniques used in NLP, like reframing, pushing limiting beliefs, EFT, etc..., but always in tune with the body's needs. 

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