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Robyn Mumford, sciatica pain  90% gone in 2 sessions

October 2014

Maru Iabichela

Business Coach,

March 2016

“I did one session with Avnita that focused on a large cyst I had in my right breast, within 2 weeks there was no sign of pain and the lump had completely disappeared! This work is groundbreaking and life changing! I highly recommend Avnita!’


- Marlisa Cooper, June 2018

"I started having pain in my right hand. I am right handed and my left hand is simply useless. I had to constantly hold and massage my right hand to soothe the pain.


I developed a swelling, too and the pain was getting worse. I was starting to get worried because of the lack of use in my right hand. Eventually the pain was so excruciating that I could not write.


I wanted to give Avnita a chance. Also, I did not want any doctor to say it was arthritis, osteoporosis or anything, Just didn't want to hear it.


After a couple of sessions with Avnita, the pain and swelling have reduced. More importantly I can actually use my right hand and have started writing again without any pain.


I did not take any medication or go for physio. Just a couple of sessions with Avnita and I cannot believe the results.


Thank you, Avnita " - June 2018

"Just want to share details of an amazing lady...


I had been chronically ill since last May, literally indigestion and nausea all day every day, it got debilitating and on top of that was suffering from terrible anxiety…. [I struggled to eat; my appetite was lost and I was avoiding lots of food]. I was still miserable because I felt so terrible all the time … I literally would just feel like throwing up after eating until the supplements kicked in…. I started working with the wonderful Avnita Suri… She works with people who suffer from chronic health issues and diseases such as cancer and MS. Why am I eating like a horse now? Sleeping like a baby!!!! Sleeping flat for the first time in six months and feeling back to normal again. [Lifestyle Prescriptions] works on the premise that sickness and disease is caused my trauma, emotions or things we haven't dealt with properly. Avnita gets things out of you you didn't even realise were bothering you. The fact that after suffering since last May I was able to drink coffee this week for the first time in months. I have to share because I know there are people out there who are suffering from chronic illnesses, stuck on cocktails of prescription medicines, suffering from aches and pains and not getting better!!! I highly recommend Avnita and [Lifestyle Prescriptions]!... Please contact Avnita if you or anyone you know is suffering from cancer, MS, acid reflux, ulcers, back pain, anything. You can be healed of it!!!!"

- Rayna Russell, April 2018

Addressing weight issues: "I feel... amazing. Hopeful. Empowered. Calm.

I usually have knots in my stomach from just clutching my muscles there (anxiety? Stress?) ... and I noticed this morning I’m breathing deeper and no knots... 


It just feels like... some of my major resistance has melted away...

I, for the first time in forever, am meal prepping for next week to make my life easier and feel super grounded in my desires. It has NEVER felt like this. You are a healing magician and I am so grateful. 

The modality is beautiful but it’s you, your intuition and the safety and light that you created that made it such a transformational experience. Blessed to have crossed paths and so excited! Everyone deserves an Avnita"

Angelisa Almanzar, Jan 2018

"Half my body's numbness gone in 1 session with Avnita​. She is Amazing!"

Elizabeth Alvarado, Oct 2017

I'm so glad I took the sessions with Avnita. She helped me dismantle  the  depression and suicidal thoughts I had for some  time.

Thank  you Avnita for your lovely help and support - D, Sep 2017

"I hurt my ankle whilst jogging and then was on crutches. I tried resting and light exercises, but the pain remained. I had a phone session with Avnita and the pain went away slowly after a few weeks using the techniques discussed. I was then able to go on holiday which I was concerned about not being able to do"

Gopi Patel, Jan 2018

"After 1 session, my eczema reduced by around 75%. I can go about my life as normal, whereas before I was avoiding certain foods and shampoos. It's not chronic itchy, uncontrollable or all-consuming. Best outcome out of using Chinese medicine, Homeopathic remedies, steriods, etc. You really do deserve the recognition so other people can see how powerful your work is, i'm so happy that one session had such an impact and I feel i learned quite a bit from you and what you were telling me to do"


For persistent, hacking cough: At first I was very reluctant to have therapy treatment as I never believed it would work . How wrong I was . So far touch wood I don’t know what she’s done but sometimes I am waiting or I would say inviting cough to come but it doesn’t.

Kishore Kansara, Nov 2017

Must, must, must share with you! I just had a session with Avnita Suri and she is UNBELIEVABLE - I think we literally broke the internet because just as the session was ending, the internet went down in my whole neighborhood! I've had many different kinds of healings over the years and this was DEEP! Thank you Avnita Suri for the clearing it was absolutely gorgeous and you are an infinite healer!

Agnes Kowalski, May 2016,

About two month ago I had a session with Avnita. She held a wonderful healing space for me, to explore where the pain in my body originated. Once we got to where my pain came from, she guided me through change it and the pain I had since 2011, so over 5 years, was gone. It came back twice since, but because I know why it was there I was able to pay special attention to the area in my life we discussed and the pain would go away again in no time. I'm ever so grateful for this beautiful session we had together and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who has pain in their physical body. You won't regret spending time with Avnita! :)Sending you Love&Light my dear, keep on shining, Annika

Annika Suoma Frey, May 2016

Last week I had the unique pleasure of experiencing meta health session with Avnita Suri.

She is so patient and gentle while guiding you through the process.
Together we explored the source and experiences of and emotional and physical pain i was experiencing.

Since the session, the pancreas pain that I have had for years has been soothed,

and last night I used the technique we went through to ease my head pain after a huge emotional experience.

Thank you Avnita for sharing your gift and time with me. 💖

If you haven't had a chance to meet Avnita yet, do it!

She is amazing.

Patti O'Leary, May 2016

As a result of a 30-min call with Avnita, I was able to gain a new sense of peace and acceptance with these situations at what felt like a cellular level. (These situations directly relate energetically to my auto-immune disease, and I could literally feel energetic shifts in my body as we worked through the session).

I really cannot express adequately in words how lovely and powerful this session was. And completely unexpected, it felt like a true gift. If you have thought about doing any type of energy work and are open to the idea of thoughts, bodies and emotions interacting and being inseparable from each other, then give Avnita Suri a call - you won't be disappointed.

Tanya Tinney, May 2016,

Avnita just blew my mind in the best of ways. Cried the whole time and felt 100% safe and comfortable because that's the space she holds. Thank you. I'm so grateful to you!

Jaime Marie Wilson, May 2016

Dr Suri, Sep 2015 (husband)

“With my medical training and experience I was always aware of the important role behaviours and perceptions play in the recovery process from illness.


I do, though, have a scepticism for new methods that claim to be able to tap into these to improve outcomes.


However, I was prepared to try some of these techniques for an episode of severe back pain. I was surprised to find immediate relief from a very short treatment session. I have since used the techniques on other health issues I have had, with positive results"

“I felt so much more at peace after our session that took many twists and turns. The [Lifestyle Prescriptions] approach cracked the code. . The symptoms slowly lessened as the energy around the symptoms changed and dissipated through your skilfully guided gentle facilitation encompassing meta guidelines and your intuitive skills working with and being attentive to what showed up the time. Thank you so much for all your care and support. I carried out a urinalysis when I returned to work and the test results were all clear, whereas before they the session, they were not. You're a real "A" star at this so keep going , you are born to do this work , severe UTI cleared quicker that antibiotics ever could. Great work and thank you again.

-Helen Starr Cummins, Oct 2015

Since childhood I've struggled with headaches. I tried doctors, even dentists, bite guard, physical therapy, myofacial release, soft foods, yoga and a chiropractor. The latter 2 definitely helped with constant pain. I was also struck by fibromyalgia. With Bradley Nelson's Body Code, the joint pain went. However, it was when I had 2 sessions with Avnita that both my headaches and neck pain completely went away. The sessions were amazing. I have to say Avnita is so good at the guided discovery piece. Her gently, encouraging, kindness is such an asset to this process. Thank you Avnita 

Kathy Huston, May 2015

The mouth ulcers cleared up almost immediately. After a couple of months of none at all (I would probably have had a couple of bouts  by this time), I had a sense of a few trying to burst out; they niggled for a few days but never appeared.


I was so impressed with how just this one session could have had such an impact. I would say they are about 80% gone; as following a very sad and somewhat stressful weekend I did get another couple of mouth ulcers, that hung around, though they were less than normal.

I was really impressed with Avnita's gentle and professional approach



Jules Thompson, June 2015

I consulted Avnita at the beginning of the year for a skin condition that I was struggling with. Avnita took me through and guided me to find the root of the issue which was triggering the hives. After one consultation I have felt much better and the condition has eased to a point of non-existence. Thank you Avnita for all your help. I hope that many are able to benefit from your knowledge and META-Health.

- Anonymous Feb 2016

"My elbow and arm were hurting for several months. With only 2 sessions with Avnita, it was completely gone. 

- Jayshree P 

I fell down the stairs and my back was in agony for over a week, until I had a  session with Avnita. Immediately after, I had huge relief and within a few days it was gone completely.

- Anonymous Aug 2015

I have worked with Avnita for 5 sessions so far and have benefited enormously from her skills. I like the way she works and the fact that she knows when to give me a nudge or basically how to get me to say what is intuitively jumping into my head.

I highly recommend Avnita . She is a sensitive and intuitive practitioner. I look forward to using her services again as needs arise.

She shared a variety of techniques and practices to facilitate improvement in my wellbeing.

Feb 2016, Susan Cowe Miller

Thank you so much Avnita - you've been an incredibly gentle but OH SO EFFECTIVE guide and I've found that the sessions with you have brought about change with great ease.


When I think about the recurring thought patterns that I used to have, it tickles me to know that I've let them go and you'd been an integral part in helping me do that. YOU ARE AWESOME!

I found that with your guidance, I've been able to release thought patterns with great ease. I think what's great about you is that you don't push for results which is a bit of a gift because by not pushing and instead guiding when needed, you really have taken your ego out of it so the results flow through with ease and it's that that makes you an AWESOME practitioner!

Thank you :-)

-JH Jan 2016

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