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What my Students have said...

"...When I approached you, I was suffering from slipped disc problem with back pain and knee pain ,which is much better... Your drugless therapy is amazing and your fee is also affordable when compared to highly rated therapists. I think more people should know about your therapy. 

​- Harini Prabhala


"Before I joined Avnita's online program, the pain in my hip and thighs were quite high, I was taking painkillers regularly to manage the pain, went to the doctors who found nothing wrong, saw a chiropractor which made the pain worse... Slowly, the pain completely disappeared, only appearing occasionally... it has helped me relax much more and I can sleep much better". -

Mansukh Pankhania, Leicester


“Over the years, I had tried sports massage chiropractor, cranial osteopath and done back strengthening exercises. Nothing worked permanently and I never felt anything quite cleared it. I started Avnita’s program and within several weeks, it’s gone completely."​

– Emily Isaac Johnson


I’ve had scoliosis since my childhood and I’ve dealt with back pain for a long time. It used to get worse during stressful times. After only doing a part of Avnita’s program, the pain has decreased enormously... Don’t be fooled, this is powerful stuff! I highly recommend it to anyone with health issues, especially if you’ve tried traditional medicine before and it hasn’t helped. Avnita’s method gets to the real root of the problem and that’s why it’s so powerful"

​- Vivian Watson

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