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Love Back

**Starting Soon!!**

This course is for you if:


* You have been tackling chronic pain for months / years / forever


* You've tried various things, like GPs, surgery, acupuncture, chiropractor, osteopath, injections, physiotherapist, yoga, meditation, etc… Some might have worked for a while, but generally your back pain returns, often unexpectedly. 

* When you look back over the years, you have found that your pain has got worse, not better.


* You find that even though you've been doing "all the right things", like not bending, twisting, lifting heavy things, exercising, not doing some exercises, it's simply not going. Sometimes, you see a pattern, like it hurts more when you do a particular exercise, go to work, or use your laptop and other times, you can't fathom what brought it on.

* Your life is governed by your back pain.

* You may have been diagnosed with a back issue:


* sciatica                                        

* herniated disc

* slipped disc

* inflammation

* osteoarthritis

* compression fracture

* spinal stenosis

* scoliosis

* pinched nerve

* transitional vertebra

* spondylolysis

* facet syndrome



* You have no diagnoses, but the pain is not shifting (this seems to contradict the previous point, but it doesn't. I will explain why in the course).

* You injured your back in an accident, months or years ago. The pain has remained.


* You are open to turning your health beliefs upside down to serve you better.

* You are happy to put aside your physical diagnoses, however set in stone it feels to you to play in a new arena.

I have personally healed my own back pain using one of the skills in this exciting new approach. I had backache for 9 years from lifting a heavy PC and injuring my back. I have also helped many others using these methods.

Only £299!!

A testimonial from Emily Isaac Johnson when she took the course

***15 years of back pain nearly gone in just 2 modules.

She previously tried osteopathy, chiropractor, sports massage, back strengthening exercises ***

Course Format:

* Four 1 hour LIVE weekly webinars with me. So you can be anywhere in the world!! Maximum no. of webinar attendees is 10. I will send a link / instructions for the software we will use that will be no extra cost to you..

* Coaching and a regular action plan to target the pain; set aside 15 mins daily for this.

* Unlimited email / Facebook support for shorter correspondence. Will reply within 24 hours.

This course is perfect for you if

* You want to avoid taking too many painkillers.

* If you want to find out why your back pain does not go and why doing this course will ease, and hopefully, completely eliminate your chronic, agonising back pain.

** Learn from a META-Health Master Practitioner how to target, work with, get rid of that pain and keep it like that **

Only £299!!


1. You're not medically qualified. How can I trust you; you can't even do an examination over a webinar?

Ans: You are right; I'm not. I have been healing myself for about fourteen years now and have learnt to help others heal in the last three, also. I've found that staying in the physical realm simply exacerbates our issues, whereas focusing on our emotional and social aspects make a powerful impact. It works astonishingly well in most cases. 

2. Aren't you afraid of making such outlandish claims, overriding what conventional medicine and the experts in back pain say?

Ans: Yes, once in a while I feel I must be mad. It's the results I've helped create and my passion to create better health (and lives) that keep me going.

3. What if my back pain gets worse?

Ans: There is a very small possibility of that. As we are releasing stuck emotions, beliefs and fears, it can, but very seldom, get worse for a while. It's a case of working through it. It tends to be a short-term phase. 

4. Will I be sharing all my private feelings with 9 other strangers?

Ans: No; you will be journalling (or thinking) your answers privately to yourself. No need to share anything you don't want to.

Studies that Support LoveBack

The Guardian:

"Worse to get your back investigated"

The Daily Mail:

Chronic pain caused by repressed emotions

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy:

Common Myths about Back Pain

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Relax - I've got your back!!

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