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There’s a quicker way to health, a more permanent solution

It doesn’t involve long waits, pills, or fear of a diagnosis.

We are under the impression that when we get an illness there is something wrong with us. This is far from the truth. I know it feels like that, but what's really happening is this:

** Your body has reacted to a specific trauma or stress **

This is what symptom relief is like - mopping a flooding floor

Symptoms are the biofeedback of the body and lets you know of what’s going on at a deeper level that needs to be addressed. Once you start using the symptoms as signposts of where to look and use them to make connections with your body, your body can go into spontaneous healing.

Your body is a highly intelligent organism, simply reacting to trauma to protect you. It remains in chronic illness, as it's stuck in a cycle. This tends to happen when fear is present, poor beliefs about health are instilled and / or you have not managed to work through the reasons WHY it happened in the first place.

Due to the trauma or stress, the body has reacted to accommodate you, helping you out. Often we feel worse when we've actually resolved something in our lives and the symptoms show up more. It's like the body relaxes and goes into what we call, "regeneration"; starting its healing process. These reactions in our bodies are biological processes - natural occurrences, so symptoms are just that - our bodies healing, like a scab forming after a cut.

Each and every organ in our body has a unique role; our skin to protect us, our bones to keep us upright, our eyes to see. However, in conventional medicine, it's taken too literally; it focuses on only the organ. In Lifestyle Prescriptions, we focus on the whole picture. What, in your life, did you not want to feel that created the eczema? What, in your life, did you not feel strong enough that created the herniated disc?

So, it's obvious that one person will get eczema for a different reason to the next person, one person will get heart disease for a different reason to the next, etc... Everyone's experiences in life are different.This is why a blanket cure for many illnesses cannot be found. 


I often ask clients to drop their diagnoses and / or labels they have attached to their illnesses, so that we can work on where the problem truly lies, or at least put it to one side. Think about it; these are man-made labels, they weren't here thousands of years ago. Having all these complicated names and limitations, are they making our health better? Or are we better in one respect, but much worse in others? Yet, symptoms would always have been with us. This is the place to go. 

Lifestyle Prescriptions treats the cause. I can help you tune into your organ involved and we work very specifically to find all the answers we need to help your body into spontaneous healing.

Lifestyle Prescriptions is an enjoyable process that will allow you to feel empowered about your health and healing.


Lifestyle Prescriptions deals with the cause: the tap that's causing the kitchen to flood

Lifestyle Prescriptions is perfect for you if:

* You’ve had a symptom or condition for a while that is not improving

* You are ready to try out alternative forms of healing

* You’re new to integrative medicine and are intrigued by the concept of healing sustainably    from the inside out

How does it work?

When you tell me that you have an illness, no matter what it's called, I will ask you to feel into your body. You will have symptoms. They might be:

"I can't breathe very well"

"My low back hurts that I can't even move"

"I keep forgetting things"

"My hands are shaking"

"I don't have much control over my hands"

"I feel tingling in my left arm"

"I'm so stressed at work"

"I feel depressed"

"I can't lose weight"

"I'm losing my hair"

"I have PCOS" 

"I have high blood pressure"

You can see that it can be absolutely anything. The point is, is that you're feeling something, whether physical or emotional. We start with the most prevalent symptom that's affecting you and help you make headway with that.

What Can I Expect in a Session?

All sessions are done on Skype or video call. Once we establish what you're REALLY feeling, I will help you stay in tune with your body to find things like limiting beliefs, the original trauma, repetitive thoughts and beliefs that are keeping it going, self-sabotage, secondary gains, etc... It's talking therapy, or more appropriately, FEELING therapy. It's not psychotherapy, CBT, meditation, positive thinking, NLP. There are parts of these that I use, but more to the point, it's geared for you and your exact symptoms. It's way more accurate than simply nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc.. to improve our health.

When I've done sessions for clients, they've often told me how sessions affect the rest of their lives; their weight goes down, they get more money coming into their lives, they feel less stressed, their relationships improve, etc... It's all related; every aspect of our lives seems to be connected and health is no exception. We make it harder for ourselves if we fail to look at the underlying issues.

I will also send you snapshots of Lifestyle Prescriptions charts for your affected organ tissues when necessary, as we trace them through sessions and what you tell me. This is very empowering in itself, as you can see how organ tissues behave through being stress and the changes in symptoms after. Knowing these biological "conflict themes" helps you feel at ease, that your body is simply behaving like a human body would, not making mistakes or is broken, as commonly thought.

How Can a Therapist Help with a Physical Problem?

This is the point exactly. You need to look at the deeper issues of the physical problem to bring it down and even get rid of it. Focusing on the physical aspect, even with a diagnoses or label, can well exacerbate it. Sure sometimes, it works to take medicine, but when it gets so chronic, you need to work at the deeper levels. This is your subconscious mind. It's showing up with physical symptoms and trying to communicate with you. 

The way I treat health issues is that your body is working perfectly, trying to support you when you get stressed, upset or traumatised. However, leaving it like that without doing the internal work is not going to get you out of difficult health issues. You are already IN IT, so you need a guide to help you get out of it. 

As beliefs work so deep within our bodies and lives we cannot see them ourselves. Our problems are real to US. They seem to show up in the form of problems, sometimes huge problems. They are fightening, but they can still be chipped away at, little by little.

If we treat life like it is happening perfectly, we are able to spot these themes, these beliefs, these emotions. 

You need an open mind if you want to work with me. You need to understand that just like your body got into that situation, there is that possibility of getting out of it. If it's not going to happen with the science, it's the ART that's missing. 

With some probing, we will bring your subconscious behaviour to your conscious mind. Often that's all that needs to happen.

Expect reaction. Of course, that's natural. Take off these "blocks" and your body has the chance to go into spontaneous healing. There is pain to be felt sometimes whilst healing. However, that pain is nothing compared to the pain that you feel in daily life that has never been resolved.


Remember, it's YOUR journey. You must own it. No expert is an expert like you. Working with me is like dropping all that resistance, stories, limiting beliefs, and finally listening to what your heart has to say.

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