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You are a positive person. You put your heart into your home, your work, your relationships. 

-> You are a strong, powerful woman.

-> Yet, life is becoming more and more of a struggle.

-> It might be your health. 

-> It might be your job.

-> It might be a close family member. 

-> Something is troubling you. 

-> A LOT.

It might be even be a few things...

You expect that when you turn 80 / 90, you will be using a walking stick, suffering a serious illness and not being able to do much about it. You certainly don't think that you will be on top of things. You don't expect to be a fit woman, running, healthy, happy, experiencing fulfilling relationships. "Don't be silly - is that even possible?"

You understand that you're a creator of your life.

You have done the meditation, the yoga, the counselling, the positive thinking, the gratitude. 

Yet, you still can't get out of that problem and life might even be spirraling downwards. 

You expect that when you turn 80 / 90, you will be using a walking stick, suffering a serious illness and not being able to do much about it. You certainly don't think that you will be on top of things. You don't expect to be a fit woman, running, healthy, happy, experiencing fulfilling relationships. "Don't be silly - is that even possible?"

Let me tell you a few things about life...

Nothing happens as a result of some random joke that God or life is playing on us. We have not come here to suffer. Things are simply not random. I used to think that they are. Come on, just because you drop the phone, it doesn't mean you will lose all communication - d'uh.

No, but what if you break 12 different glass objects in 2 weeks, what on earth would that mean? (This has happened to me).

What does it mean when you get a serious disease, like cancer, diabetes?

What does it mean when you can't find love? 

WHO CARES WHAT THE MEANING IS ANYWAY? We just want to live happily. We just want the problem to go away.


I'll tell you why....


Each time we have dreams, we are given lessons to reach our dreams. These are not tests, but layers we need to take off to turn our dreams into reality. They are merely signposts. We are supposed to be infinite beings. We are supposed to be able to create everything our hearts desire. This is called the law of attraction. Yet, it's nothing new; it is a universal law of energy. The yogis and gurus knew this thousands of years ago. They practiced it. In this day and age, we may not understand what they were saying or feel it doesn't really apply to us. They might have lived in mountains and meditated. We live in cities with each other, probably only coping in day to day living, only just managing life

Life might have become mundane. We forget why we came here. We will live our parts and then become dust. What's the point?

Actually, I don't know the answer to the last question. I hope one day I will. 

I DO know how to get closer to my dreams than I ever imagined before.

I was also that person where life was becoming meaningless. I was also that person where the back pain was causing me to stop activities, frustrating me with pain I couldn't understand and was random. Everything was random; having arguments with people, my health, my job. I went to work and came back. Sure, I was happy, married, had 2 children, lived in a nice house, but if I dared to scratch under the surface were there was anxiety, a non-trust in life, a discontentment. 

It wasn't until I made a big mess with money that I finally got it.

My sister-in-law gave me the book, "The Secret". I had no choice, as forcing things to change outside of me wasn't working. I couldn't change that loss of money.  I started to listen. I started to take note of my own feelings, thoughts and reactions. 

I started to learn how to get rid of pain using meditation. I learnt how to enjoy life, just the way it was. I learnt to accept myself. I learnt to accept the mistakes I made with money. I learnt to be kinder, more loving towards my family; less blaming them for the mistakes they made. This rather painful lesson was a true blessing. It brought me to where I am now. 

So, life improved somewhat. That gratitude and meditation was helping me no end. That money issue started to dissolve, too - hurrah!

There was still something not working...

You see, gratitude and a positive attitude only go some of the way for the majority of us. There will be a few where it works perfectly, there's no doubt about that. Here's that one key ingredient to when you've done all you can, but still struggling...

It's called root cause analysis. 


What is root cause analysis? This is the actual cause of a problem. Imagine, less of the guessing why something is happening and working more accurately. It doesn't matter at all what we are talking about. 

The problem could be a health issue like cancer, dementia, arthritis, asthma, chronic, debilitating pain. It could be a relationship issue, like constantly fighting with your partner. It could be not finding love. It might be money worries. Absolutely anything.

What gives me the ability to work on ANYTHING?

Because you have the answers locked away in your subconscious mind, ready for releasing when you are. The signs show up as problems. Interestingly, problems are not setbacks, they are blessings from the Universe / life / God, whatever you want to call it. This is what's happening I believe:

You have a dream, like finding a partner, bringing in money, getting a hot body. However, when you were a child, you were given beliefs by well-meaning parents, teachers, etc... things like, "You can't do that", or "Just be grateful for what you have", or "Don't be greedy". 

Some of these things turn into potent beliefs that show up in your life. Over and over and over again. We seem to play out these beliefs, as our subconscious minds do just that; they think they are THE TRUTH.


*** We know that working on these beliefs, changing them slowly or faster - however much your subconscious mind will allow, that life shows up differently for us.  ***

That's the beauty of working with beliefs, emotions, stressors, trauma. We change internally and our outside - lives - become better. It's important to understand that life is a process. We are evolving all the time. However, we remain stuck if we never get this important concept. This can go on for a whole lifetime, never quite knowing why we kept getting the pain and problems "being suffered".

Understanding this law and being able to take a person into their subconscious mind, using their body sensations, the things they say to me, I have helped people with the following:

Get out of chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches, asthma, hay fever, numbness in body, depression, suicidal thoughts.

I have helped people improve their relationships. Some of my clients have said that more money has come in after sessions with me, that they've lost weight. 

You see, everything is connected; your health, your abundance, your relationships. It shows up in various ways - disguises. We simply need to decipher the clues to get to the real solution. 

Sure, you can do A LOT yourself, but when you're stuck - really stuck, you need a good guide to "hold a safe space" for you to find the answers. Having a session with me is like having a date with your own heart. Sometimes, we get in our own way and no matter how hard we try, we cannot see the solution. It's just the way our minds work. I actually don't say that much, but I know where to take you to find the solutions. 

Many people know the power of belief. It's the way to get in that matters. You can't force yourself to believe things you don't really. It's my job to catch your beliefs, almost sneak up on them, so that they start to change easily / easier and automatically. You don't always see that it's happened until you get different situations showing up in your life, like your relationship with your partner improves, people behave better towards you, your illness goes away, money comes in.

OK, so what really goes on in a session?

You would come to me with a symptom such as:

* Diagnosed with a illness (ANY - serious, chronic, rare). They will have symptoms.

* Failing relationships

* Loss of money

* Feeling unhappy / overwhelmed with life's problems...

It can be anything remember.

I will ask you to feel into your body. I use the body's sensations to guide me where to go. This is perfect for illnesses and it's actually META-Health. META-Health is root cause analysis for physical diseases. I have charts for organ tissue reactions during stress and regeneration that show how you can expect your body to behave. META-Health is a world-class healing paradigm and by using this, we are already dealing with "incurable" diseases.

By feeling into your body, I can find trauma stored, even though we might be talking about non-physical issues. I can help find stuck beliefs, emotions, current stressors. We stay present with your body and go into the past to find when and where the problem started. 

I will do therapy, like bringing down emotions, talking through the trauma you felt and it feels like we're simply talking. I don't need long stories; this is not just talking therapy, it's energy medicine. I am looking for clues with everything you are reporting to me, in the form of physical sensations and your words. 

When we've done enough and sessions normally last an hour, expect to feel some difference after, as we have released. Some people cry, so this why this type of therapy is great for women. In my experience, men find it too difficult and they prefer to believe that it won't work for them. After sessions, clients often tell me they're tired, or some other physical change.

Remember, we are working on deep issues. These need to be released for you to get to your dreams or just closer to them. Avoiding this deep work (what your heart is aching for), has a habit of perpetuating current problems. 

It's like taking layers off to get to your true self; those layers that you have created during a lifetime to protect you, but no longer serving you. 

Rather than entertaining things like "incurable, impossible, hard, painful", I prefer things like, "take the layers off, possibilities, ways to do it, process, journey". The latter type of thinking and feeling serve us way better than the former.

If you think I can help you create the life you're wanting, contact me:

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