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How to Stop Chronic, Debilitating Pain Forever

Without using Pills, Surgery, Injections, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy or any other external treatments

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About the Program


This is for you if you have been suffering from any type of chronic, debilitating pain, no matter what the diagnoses. You've tried various treatments, such as drugs, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, surgery, etc...


No matter what you do, your pain just keeps coming back, often with a vengeance.


This is a step by step program from complete beginners to more holistic practitioners. I will guide you through your pain, find why it's coming and how to best get rid of it.


There are many obstacles to getting rid of pain. You are dealing with your own subconscious mind, which needs to be handled with loving care. Ideally, you need a guide who is experienced in handling all the challenges.


This is an ongoing program, so you can go at your own pace.

There are no deadlines to follow. It can work even if you are working full-time or have other commitments.

You will get access to the program within 24 hours of signing up.

I would allow 40 hours to learn the material.

There are group Zoom calls twice a month.



You can access the online program at any time from your PC or phone. 

You will be given access to the recorded videos and resources available for you to watch in your free time.

Watch the training videos, carry out the easy tasks to do. Every two weeks, you can participate in group live Zoom calls, where I will be present. These will be recorded for those are not able to attend live.


There is a support group, where you can ask questions and I will reply to your unique challenges. 

You will be guided every step of the way until you reach your goals.

Lifetime access to all the current and future resources within 24 hours

✅ Easy to follow training videos in the course portal

✅ Private support group with me and other students

✅ Twice monthly live Zoom calls and replays

What my Students say...

Kristof Maeyens, suffering "24/7 with extreme nerve pain, diagnosed as central sensitisation

Now, able to do activities and off all medication

Karla Boncompagni - herniated disc, gluteos medius tendinopathy and trochanteric bursitis, excessive pain for years in places like shoulders, back, hip, had tried many treatments.

"My knee pain would often come on during the cold winter months. This year it got particularly bad, with it being swollen, too. Having joined the program with Avnita, and only a couple of weeks in, the pain and swelling have gone. I can now do my brisk walking and yoga poses like I used to". 

~ Hansa Pankhania


"My back pain has completely gone and I am doing everything completely normally again. I’m delighted, as you can imagine! Today, I took part in a 10k running event without any problems at all, the first time I have done this distance since March.

I am feeling stronger and fitter than ever before. I honestly don’t know how I would be now if you hadn’t helped me when you did. I can’t thank you enough."

- SR (diagnosed with jammed sacroiliac joint and wear and tear, and arthritis in hips)


"...When I approached you, I was suffering from degenerative disc disorder, slipped disc problem with back pain and knee pain... Your drugless therapy is amazing and your fee is also affordable when compared to highly rated therapists. I think more people should know about your therapy. Thank you once again Avnita and God bless you!!"

​- Harini Prabhala


"Before I joined Avnita's online course, the pain in my hip and thighs were quite high, I was taking painkillers regularly to manage the pain, went to the doctors who found nothing wrong, saw a chiropractor which made the pain worse... Slowly, the pain completely disappeared, only appearing occasionally... it has helped me relax much more and I can sleep much better."


- Mansukh Pankhania, Leicester


“Over the years, I had tried sports massage chiropractor, cranial osteopath and done back strengthening exercises. Nothing worked permanently and I never felt anything quite cleared it. I started Avnita’s program and within several weeks, it’s gone completely. I found the program life-changing and amazed at how simple it was to do. I feel like I'm empowered enough to carry on on my own. I'm so pleased that I am able to be more in control of what my body is telling me.

Thanks so much for all your help and advice."​


– Emily Isaac Johnson



"I’ve had scoliosis since my childhood and I’ve dealt with back pain for a long time. It used to get worse during stressful times. After only doing Module 1 of Avnita’s course, the pain has decreased enormously... Don’t be fooled, this is powerful stuff! I highly recommend it to anyone with health issues, especially if you’ve tried traditional medicine before and it hasn’t helped. Avnita’s method gets to the real root of the problem and that’s why it’s so powerful."

​- Vivian Watson


"I went to Avnita for pain in my uterus from endometriosis and fibroids and also for trouble sleeping.  

After just 3 sessions with her, I have experienced no pain in my uterus anymore and I have been able to fall asleep without a problem and stay sleep throughout the night. She has an amazing gift and I would recommend her wholeheartedly." YP



"Those who suffer with chronic pain, check out Avnita Suri. This lady helped me with my sciatica, slipped disc and carpal tunnel."


- Magda Tudor


"I have been suffering from intermittent stomach pains for a few years...

In my one and only session with her, she clearly explained the process and the power of the self to heal...The effect was unbelievable as when I started the session with her I was in agonising pain but at the end although I felt exhausted the pain had simply disappeared."


- Kailash Trilochun, barrister


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Your Coach and Instructor

Me at Hansa masi party.png

Hi. I'm Avnita Suri. My mission in life is to show people a far easier way to overcoming chronic, debilitating pain no matter what the diagnosis is. I have been helping many people out of pain for years now.

Now, it's YOUR turn to start living the life you really want!

Freedom from Chronic Pain 

Prior to committing to this program, you have had your pain seen by a medical doctor. The program is only applicable to chronic pain. I cannot and do not guarantee any results. I do not provide a medical diagnoses. 

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