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Freedom From Chronic Pain Online Course

First we will target the ONE symptom you need relief with most
Then I'll show you how to create sustainable great health


* You've got a positive outlook in life?

* You're open to taking responsibility for your health?

* You understand that there's more to good health and that the root cause/s have not been addressed yet by anyone

* You are forward thinking, resilient, capable and strong-minded



* You have been tackling chronic illness for months / years / forever


* You've exhausted options with doctors, surgery, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapist, yoga, meditation, etc… Some might have worked for a while, but generally your symptoms return, often unexpectedly. 

* When you look back over the years, you have found that your symptoms have got worse, not better.


* You find that even though you've been doing "all the right things", like not exercising, eating fewer foods (allergies), not bending, twisting, just not being able to do what should be normal things for people. Sometimes, you see a pattern, like maybe your back hurts more when you do a particular exercise, go to work, or use your laptop and other times, you can't fathom what brought it on. 

* Your life is governed by your symptoms.

* You may have been diagnosed with an illness:


* ankle pain                               * myofasciitis

* arm pain

* arthritis                                   * myofibrositis

* asthma                                    * neck pain                             

* bone spurs                             * neuroma                              

* bursitis                                    * osteoarthritis                      

* buttocks pain                          * chrondromalacia

* coccydynia                                              

*degenerative disc disease       * pinched nerve

* dislocated hip pain                 * plantar faciitis


 * frozen shoulder                    * restless leg syndrome

* facet syndrome                      * spina bifida occulta

* fibromyalgia                           * rotator cuff tear

* fibrositis                                  * sciatica                                

* flat foot                                   * scoliosis                               

* foot pain                                  *   shoulder pain                    

* headaches                              * slipped disc                         

* herniated disc                        * spinal stenosis                    

* hip pain                                   * spondylolisthesis

* inflammation                          * spondylolysis                       

* irritable bowel syndrome     * sprain                                   

* knee pain                                * strain

* leg pain                                   * tendonalgia

* migraine headaches             * tendonitis                             

* mononeuritis multiplex         * transitional vertebra

* Or nothing wrong can be found, but the symptoms are not shifting (this seems to contradict the previous point, but it doesn't. I will explain why in the course).

* You might have injured your back, knees, ankles, wrists, etc.. due to an accident, months or years ago. However, the pain won't shift.

I have personally healed my own back pain using one of the skills in this revoluntionary new approach. I had backache for 9 years from lifting a heavy PC and injuring my back. I have also helped many others using these methods.

Here are a few testimonials from course attendees:


Karla Boncompagni 

Scoliosis, bursitis, herniated disc

"Before I joined Avnita's online course, the pain in my hip and thighs were quite high, I was taking painkillers regularly to manage the pain, went to the doctors who found nothing wrong, saw a chiropractor which made the pain worse. I was doing yoga and stretching exercises, but nothing was really working. The pain was particularly bad at night, making it difficult to sleep. Having done the course with her, I found it very beneficial. Slowly, the pain completely disappeared, only appearing occasionally. By addressing my emotions, it has helped me relax much more and I can sleep much better". -


Mansukh Pankhania, Leicester

"Thanks for your support all through these months. You were so patient and understood all my problems. I miss your weekly sessions. When I started your sessions my pain level was kind of 8 and now it's kind of 3. I need to practice more and make it zero. When I approached you, I was suffering from slip disc problem with back pain and knee pain. After attending your sessions I know the reason behind my problems and slowly I started changing my mindset. I am not completely recovered because I am not practising regularly these days but I am confident that I can deal with any kind of a pain in my body. Whenever I feel any pain I try to open your FB page and following FCP course and it is helping me. Your drugless therapy is amazing and your fee is also affordable when compared to highly rated therapists. I think more people should know about your therapy. Thank you once again Avnita and God bless you!!

- Harini Prabhala

“Over the years, I had tried sports massage chiropractor, cranial osteopath and done back strengthening exercises. Nothing worked permanently and I never felt anything quite cleared it. I started Avnita’s Freedom from Pain course in February 2017 and within a few weeks, my back pain of 16 yrs had reduced by 90%. After that, it came and went and now, having finished the course, it’s gone completely. I found the course life-changing and amazed at how simple it was to do. I feel like I'm empowered enough to carry on on my own. I'm so pleased that I am able to be more in control of what my body is telling me.

Thanks so much for all your help and advice."

– Emily Isaac Johnson

I’ve had scoliosis since my childhood and I’ve dealt with back pain for a long time. It used to get worse during stressful times. After only doing Module 1 of Avnita’s course, the pain has decreased enormously. When it gets worse, I can easily alleviate it now using the techniques I learned in a single module! I now feel I’m in control of my health and wellbeing, and it’s so simple it’s easy to overlook how powerful Avnita’s method is. But don’t be fooled, this is powerful stuff! I highly recommend it to anyone with health issues, especially if you’ve tried traditional medicine before and it hasn’t helped. Avnita’s method gets to the real root of the problem and that’s why it’s so powerful

- Vivian Watson 

"I was suffering from a lot of pain in my knees for some time. Sitting down, standing up, coming out of the car, any movement which required bending the knees was very painful. When I walked, I felt as if I was carrying bricks in my thighs. Painkillers didn't help much. I was told that it was just wear and tear as I am a pensioner. I couldn't sit cross legged (my favourite yoga position). But after following Avnita's advice on her Freedom from Pain course, I have no pain in my knees. I can sit cross legged which is important for me. Thanks Avnita for your help."

Thanks so much for all your help and advice."

"A few months back I injured my ankle ligaments whilst playing 5-a-side football. Even after resting it for a considerable time, it didn’t feel like it was getting better.

I consulted Avnita and she provided me with information and key tasks to do for a couple of weeks.

Within a short time the pain had gone and I am back playing football.


Thanks for your support and advice" - Amit S

"Thanks Avnita for helping me with the pain in my knees- it's gone and I didn't think it would be that simple" - Rani Atma

""Years of foot pain gone after doing the course "Freedom From Chronic Pain" with Avnita - VW March 2019

Course Format:

* Access to a FB group where you can ask as many questions as you like and I'll reply within 24 hours, Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm UK

* Easy to follow videos, 15 - 30 mins each, to watch in your own time for up to 4 weeks 

* You also need another 15 mins of dedicated time daily to follow simple tasks I set for 4 - 8 weeks. 

* 1 hour LIVE Zoom calls once a week, where I can coach in a group setting. They are recorded so that you can catch up if you cannot attend. 

This course is perfect if you want to...

Find powerful tools that not only targets your main symptom (see above list), but provides you with the most affordable, self-reliant skills, giving relief for even debilitating symptoms, with the added bonus that aid longevity in great health 

* You want to learn proven techniques to avoid taking painkillers, endless injections, or even surgery

* You're ready to hear some incredible secrets that no one tells you, which will transform your health, starting with your one symptom

* Find some permanent methods to get rid of your pain once and for all

* You have a high chance of reducing visits for other treatments like the doctor, osteopath, chiropractor, massage, etc - saving you there in time and money alone

* Being more in control of your body

* Looking forward to old age with possibilities, hope and joy, rather fear and worry





This course is NOT right for you if

* If you want physical procedures to help you heal

* You are not willing to let go of existing beliefs of your condition

* You want someone ELSE to heal you and not take responsibility yourself

** Learn from a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach how to target, work with, get rid of those symptoms and keep it like that **


Course Details

Once the payment is received, I will give you access to the course within 24 hours and a support group on Facebook. 

The course is currently in its beta version now and for its low price, I am looking for written and video testimonials, whilst I build the course around you.  You also get more direct help from me.

!! Book now at this price of £97. It goes up to £197 when total number of students reaches 15. Currently, there are 14 students on the course, so there are only 1 spot left @ £97.

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