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3-part live webinar course on musculoskeletal pain starting Sunday 23rd September at 5pm UK (12pm EST, 9am PT).You can be anywhere in the world.

In The Times newspaper, it was said that psychological therapy is more effective than physical.

I, myself, cured my own 9 years of low back pain using this method. When people have used this very technique I will reveal in the webinar these are the results they’ve got:


“Excrutiating pain that I was on crutches and even crawling. Now pain 100% gone”

“Suffered from pain all over my body for 2 decades and now pain is completely gone”

“25 years of sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and stiff joints are completely better”

“Severe Fibromyalgia pain reduced by 80%”

“MRI showed a herniated L4/L5 vertebrae and surgeon wanted to operate but now pain free”

“I was bedridden for months with severe back pain, diagnosed with a disc herniation. Doctors and practitioners were unable to help. Now the pain is mostly gone”

“5 years of seering hip pain. Doctors said it was rheumatoid arthritis…. The pain gone”

Join the 3-part course NOW!!

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It doesn't matter what your pain is called. It makes no difference if you've had it for decades. It could be:


*ankle pain *arm pain  *arthritis  *bone spurs *bursitis 

*buttocks pain  *chrondromalacia *coccydynia

*foot pain *degenerative disc disease  *facet syndrome *fibromyalgia 

 *fibrositis  *frozen shoulder *headaches *herniated disc 

 *hip pain *knee pain *leg pain   *migraine headaches

*mononeuritis multiplex *myofasciitis *myofibrositis

*neck pain *neuroma *osteoarthritis *pinched nerve *plantar faciitis 

 *sciatica  *rotator cuff tear  *scoliosis 

*shoulder pain *slipped disc *spinal stenosis

*spondylolisthesis *spina bifida occulta

*spondylolysis *sprain *strain

*tendonalgia  *tennis elbow *tendonitis

*transitional vertebra


Or, you might not have been diagnosed

Only £99 

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Join the 3-part course NOW!!

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You might have tried absolutely EVERYTHING else, including surgery, acupuncture, osteopathy, strong medication, etc… This technique I will reveal is not just thinking your pain away or visualisation. However, you need an open mind. You need to be prepared to do 15 mins of very simple work daily - that's all, I promise. It's very safe. It's truly liberating and exciting.

"I’ve had scoliosis since my childhood and I’ve dealt with back pain for a long time. It used to get worse during stressful times. After only doing [this course], the pain has decreased enormously. When it gets worse, I can easily alleviate it now using the techniques I learned in a single [webinar]! I now feel I’m in control of my health and wellbeing, and it’s so simple it’s easy to overlook how powerful Avnita’s method is. But don’t be fooled, this is powerful stuff! I highly recommend it to anyone with health issues, especially if you’ve tried traditional medicine before and it hasn’t helped. Avnita’s method gets to the real root of the problem and that’s why it’s so powerful"

- Vivian Watson August 2017

"I was suffering from a lot of pain in my knees for some time. Sitting down, standing up, coming out of the car, any movement which required bending the knees was very painful. When I walked, I felt as if I was carrying bricks in my thighs. Painkillers didn't help much. I was told that it was just wear and tear as I am 75 years old. I couldn't sit cross legged (my favourite yoga position). But after following Avnita's advice [in this course], I have no pain in my knees. I can sit cross legged which is important for me. Thanks Avnita for your help."

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